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Crank up the volume.

Because you’re about to groove to your favorite vibe.

Own, change and love your buttons.

You inherit jewels and mannerisms from your family. You also inherit limiting and sabotaging beliefs from your parents, their parents, their parents, and so on.

This inherited baggage creates buttons that they (whoever “they” are to you) seem to push.

Tired of carrying all that emotional heaviness on your back from the past 10, 20, 30+ years?

Own and change your buttons by untangling yourself from the dramas and traumas in your family history.

In sessions, I’ll help you unpack that baggage by uncovering the resonance you hold between your family’s imprint and your biggest struggles. Together, we’ll liberate you from these inborn limitations by resetting your preset buttons.

The result will be freedom to embrace your mama and ditch the drama.



Not sure if you resonate with me? Then let’s chat.

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In your first session, I'll help you start unpacking the energetic baggage you've been carrying around far too long by shedding light on the hidden entanglements between your family system and present problems. This is where you begin to own, change and love your energy.

$225  | 75 min session

Informed consent and a client in-take form are included upon booking of first session. The session must be used within 60 days of purchase and is non-refundable.


Continue to reprogram your buttons to commercial-free, crystal clear frequencies so you're always jammin' to your favorite tunes. This session is perfect for regular, on-going sessions.

Available for existing clients only.

$175 | 60 minute session


It’s a 30-minute power punch of good vibes. Ideal if you only have limited time, but still want to spiral up with vibrant energy.

Available for existing clients only.

$125 | 30 minute session


It does take two to tango! Feeling like you just don't see eye-to-eye with your partner? Want to get in-sync around a certain topic or issue? This session helps magnetize your match by getting you both on the same frequency.

Available for existing clients only.

$250 | 60 minute session

nicolette palermo

I lost sight of the carefree, happy soul I was as a child. I became set in my ways and created unhealthy patterns that dragged my energy down. Working with Stacy has given me hope, helped me repair my relationship with my family, and feel comfortable in my own skin so I'm able to exude my best self - cognitively, emotionally and spiritually.

Nicolette Palermo


season hewitt

Stacy is an extremely competent and skilled energy coach. She creates a very safe space for her clients to share their deepest concerns. Every session has proved to be results-oriented and empowering.

Season Hewitt

Holistic Counselor

Hey, I get it. We either match or we don’t. That’s resonance!

We’re not on the same frequency if...

  • You’re secretly thinking, “This energy stuff is woo-woo.”
  • You believe “they” cause all your problems and should change, not you.
  • You’re wishing a fairytale Law of Attraction prince charming will come rescue you.
  • You would rather get a root canal than ever call your mother (or fill-in-the-blank).

We totally resonate if...

  • You’re a believer, like me, that you don’t just have energy, you are energy. Can I get a “Hallelujah!”
  • You know this is an inside-out journey and can’t wait to get on the road.
  • You want a coach who knows why, what and how to make your energy work for you, not against you.
  • You really would like to feel at peace with your mother (or fill-in-the-blank).