Session FAQ

Energy Health Coaching is an energy-based process I use to partner with you. You're in the driver’s seat of your life and invite me along as a guide who has a map - the training, tools and techniques that build a bridge between where you’re at versus where you’d rather be in life.

I work with you to explore and shift the resonance of whatever challenges, blocks or sabotages you from your desires, intentions, goals and choices.

How do I help you do that? By using the methodology of energy psychology, along with energy-based tools, applied neuroscience and strategic coaching techniques.

Energy Health Coaching is a comprehensive process that supports you to own, change and love your energy, which is every:

  • thought you have
  • feeling you emote
  • belief you carry
  • word you say
  • action you take

In every session you get to choose your focus, priorities and concrete actions. And I help you navigate your emotional landscape that interferes or blocks you from achieving what you want.

I honor you as the expert in your life, and believe you're creative, resourceful and whole. 

I provide the optimal space for your self-awareness and self-healing. And, I bring an energetic perspective, create focus, clarify intention, motivate, and build accountability all while facilitating the energy-based tools and methodology needed to shift resonance.

Energy psychology is a mind-body approach that helps you identify and change the underlying - usually hidden - root to your limiting, sabotaging or destructive perceptions and experiences that are expressed in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. 

It includes a range of energy-based tools (e.g, Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT) that work with your body’s energy systems (e.g., Meridians).

Just as you have your biological anatomy that needs to be regulated and optimized through sleep, exercise and a good diet, you also have an energetic anatomy that needs the same. And, it can be accessed and brought into a healthy, harmonious state using energy-based methods and modalities.

When I say conventional therapy, I’m referring to talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Conventional talk therapy typically involves talking about events and experiences within a supportive therapeutic relationship. It’s often unstructured and doesn’t necessarily include specific goal setting. Therapists typically focus on listening and reflecting.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is usually goal-oriented and focused, concentrating on thoughts and behaviors. In a classic CBT session, a therapist might listen to how you talk about yourself, your life, your relationships, your past. The therapist would explain or connect the dots between your negative emotional state, distorted thinking and past experiences, and then demonstrate "better thought patterns" to use. To improve your current experience through this model, you’d need to consciously practice the new thought pattern or behavior, regardless of any triggers.

The difference with energy psychology is that it includes all of those aspects plus accesses what is hidden, or unconscious, within your physical body and energy system within a single session. It uses methods that work with inherited generational trauma or imprints stored on a cellular level. In this way, the energy psychology approach reduces or removes the underlying emotional triggers and may work more quickly than conventional psychotherapy.

Here's a detailed list of what's in MY TOOLBOX.

Before I started my coaching practice, I lived the 9 to 5 corporate life for 20 years working in the fields of business management & consulting, manufacturing, and the music products association with a long list of administrative, sales, marketing and professional development positions.

After I quit the corporate world, I put on my 'be your own boss' self-employed pants in the insurance industry + hustled some side bookkeeping gigs while I established my AFLAC business.

It was during this time that I discovered energy-based therapies and began to experience the positive changes these tools were making in my personal and professional life. (Click here to read more about my journey.)

I started to study, take classes and eventually became certified in several methods and modalities in the fields of energy medicine and energy psychology. I also added professional coaching and applied neuroscience.

This combo is what I call Energy Health Coaching.

For the past 20 years, that’s what I bring to each and every session... along with a side of sassiness.

Resonance Kinesiology is a tool I use with clients to successfully identify what you resonate with - the limiting and/or life-giving patterns of resonance within your mind-body system.

It's a form of muscle checking that accesses the natural binary response of your body and energy field.

Click here to read about and watch a video on applied kinesiology.

Click here to read about how it works in sessions, even though you and I are miles apart.

Your biography is your biology. Your story is influencing everything about your life – your perceptions of the world, people, situations; your expectations and assumptions; your beliefs about yourself and others; your attitudes and moods. It’s all a reflection of your personal 411 or, in some cases, 911.

What’s your story reflecting back to you? Lots of drama or trauma? Repeated failed relationships? Financial scarcity or debt? Victimhood? Resentment and anger? Deep hurt and pain? Chronic injury? Destructive habits? If so, sessions can help you change that.

Over time, your cumulative story has built strong connections between neurons causing groups of neurons to become wired together forming patterns. Your brain is made up of millions of these neural connections.

Imagine that just one piece of your story creates a neural pattern. That pattern is like a tree. The leaves are the symptoms - what you’re experiencing in the present such as credit card debt. The branches are the thoughts and emotions like worrying that you can’t pay your bills. The trunk is a related event such as losing a job in the past and the fear it might happen again. The roots are the beliefs anchoring the entire tree in place such as "I don’t deserve financial stability."

Now this will blow your mind...your brain is like a humongous orchard able to hold about 100 trillion "trees" that can grow up to 70,000 "branches" each – which are all part of your story.

Thankfully, sessions allow you, in a sense, to replant your orchard. They prune away life-depleting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors, and graft in new life-enhancing ones that can grow and flourish in your life.

First, let me get the obvious out of the way. Your available resources - time and money - play a role in how many sessions you choose to have.

Now, here’s the question to ask yourself: “How much joy and vitality do I want to experience?” The answer to that question will determine the level of commitment you have towards doing the deeper, inner work needed for lasting change.

Consider this quote by Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, “Your body is the life force power of some fifty trillion molecular geniuses. You and you alone choose moment by moment who and how you want to be in the world.”

Each session is like making a deposit of energy in your “Who I Want To Be” interest-bearing account. Over time the energetic currency is accrued and the compound interest grows the more sessions you receive. The amount of growth possible is limitless. Each session simply supports the limitless possibilities.

Profound results! That may sound like a big claim. Yet, those “A-Ha” moments that make what seems so dark or heavy in your life become bright and light make a profound difference in how you experience your world. Owning, changing and loving your energy brings those results.

“Profound” has been defined as something marked by having great understanding and insight or something deeply felt. That level of awareness alone creates solid tangible changes in someone’s life. 

What that looks and feels like for you will be unique to you. I’ll help you get clear on what profound results you want and, using my energy-based process, we’ll work together to make those results your reality.

I encourage you to read what some of my happy clients express as their profound results.

Sessions are available on Zoom or the phone, not in-person. 

I recommend having your sessions on Zoom. Being face-to-face really adds another level of dimension to our connection. During sessions, I also teach energy-based concepts and exercises using visual aids so it’s just easier for you to apply them when you learn using all your senses.

Here’s the cool thing… Whether we’re 2 feet or 2,000 miles away, energy isn’t limited by time, space or distance. You and I are both part of the same field of energy. Separation is an illusion. Everyone and everything is interconnected. Think of it as human wifi 24/7.

You’ll receive an email confirmation of your scheduled session with instructions on what to do next.  

Leading up to your session, you’ll receive reminder emails of your appointment. The reminders will include:

  • Tips on how to prepare for your session.
  • The zoom link or contact # for phone sessions.

With zoom sessions, you have the option to have them recorded and emailed to you so you can download the files onto your private device.

That’s totally okay! Here are a few resources to get you started…

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I do… with full disclosure. Please read my INFORMED CONSENT when it comes to confidentiality.

However, I don’t or won’t keep secrets if/when there’s a destructive behavior one family member reveals to me that directly affects the ability for another family member to fully own or change their participation in the relationship (for example: infidelity, substance abuse, self-harm). If this is the case, then the following will be recommended:

  • The coaching session is used to identify the limiting thoughts, feelings, or beliefs keeping you from revealing the secret to the affected family member and a concrete action is identified to resolve this issue with this family member.
  • A group session may be scheduled with the family members involved to openly discuss the secret and move towards resolution.
  • If you’re unwilling to reveal the secret to the affected family member, I may end the relationship and refer you to a different practitioner or coach to seek support.

If you or your family member(s) are not comfortable with this then I’m not the best coach for you and/or the other family member(s).

I do... on one condition. As long as one or both parents are also receiving sessions or doing their own personal work with me, or another practitioner or therapist of some kind. Here’s why...

As a parent, although I know you have the sincerest intentions to help your child, when you bring your child to “therapy” there’s usually a misconception that the problem originates with the child.

What you may not realize is that children often express - in symptoms and behavior - what’s unresolved or hidden between the parents or above the parents. Systemic or generational patterns start with those who come before the children. So, as the parent, you play a vital role in changing the problem.

When you look at your child and only see them as having the problem, you rarely see the whole picture. It’s like only seeing the puddle instead of finding and repairing the leak. The child is the puddle. However, the parent is the leak.

There’s value in cleaning up the puddle as long as you're also repairing the leak. If you really want to support your child, you must be willing to look at and repair the leak too - which is you.

I work with children - ages 11 to 17 (tween / teenager). I recommend scheduling a free introductory call to see whether your child and my approach resonate.

I offer a New Client Session for children: 45-min at $175.00. Click Here to schedule a session for your child. After your child's first session, I recommend 30-min or 60-min sessions depending on their age. 

I don't take insurance. I'm not a licensed therapist or medical doctor. I'm an energy health coach. Those services don't fall under traditional medicine where insurance is accepted.

I take credit or debit cards. Upon booking your first appointment (New Client Session), you’ll fill out a brief In-Take Form and Payment Authorization.

After each session, I charge your card for the session and email a receipt for the services rendered.

I don’t provide financial, tax or legal advice and it’s not intended as such. As a certified professional coach, some business owners or sole proprietors expense my services through their business.

I've found that charging a Health Savings Account card is denied through my merchant services because my business is not categorized as an insurance-based service.
So, instead, I require a regular debit or credit card. Upon booking your first session, you will fill out a Payment Authorization. After each session, I charge your card for the session and email a receipt for the services rendered.
Some clients use this receipt to submit a request for reimbursement to their medical savings account or flexible spending account. However, I can't guarantee that your provider will qualify my services as a medical reimbursement.

HIPAA laws in California advise: Even if you are not technically what’s called a “covered entity” under HIPAA law, anyone who has access to clients’ Protected Health Information (or PHI), may be subject to HIPAA laws even if a non-licensed professional, and is wise to implement as many HIPAA compliance measures as possible in your practice.

Although my practice doesn't require licensure, my certifications include Code of Ethics and that covers client privacy and confidentiality.

It's important to me - especially energetically - that I provide a safe space for a client. This includes trust, respect, clear boundaries and definitely confidentiality. Wherever possible, I hold my level of professionalism and practice to the same high standards as HIPAA.

Several of my certifications include training on HIPAA regulations. I'm also a member of EMPA where I receive training on Client Confidentiality and Privacy Laws.

Please read my FULL CONSENT, specifically under Code of Ethics.