Session FAQ

Your biography is your biology. Your story is influencing everything about your life – your perceptions of the world, people, situations; your expectations and assumptions; your beliefs about yourself and others; your attitudes and moods. It’s all a reflection of your personal 411 or, in some cases, 911.

What’s your story reflecting back to you? Lots of drama or trauma? Repeated failed relationships? Financial scarcity or debt? Victimhood? Resentment and anger? Deep hurt and pain? Chronic injury? Destructive habits? If so, sessions can help you change that.

Over time, your cumulative story has built strong connections between neurons causing groups of neurons to become wired together forming patterns. Your brain is made up of millions of these neural connections.

Imagine that just one piece of your story creates a neural pattern. That pattern is like a tree. The leaves are the symptoms - what you’re experiencing in the present such as credit card debt. The branches are the thoughts and emotions like worrying that you can’t pay your bills. The trunk is a related event such as losing a job in the past and the fear it might happen again. The roots are the beliefs anchoring the entire tree in place such as "I don’t deserve financial stability."

Now this will blow your mind...your brain is like a humongous orchard able to hold about 100 trillion "trees" that can grow up to 70,000 "branches" each – which are all part of your story.

Thankfully, sessions allow you, in a sense, to replant your orchard. They prune away life-depleting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors, and graft in new life-enhancing ones that can grow and flourish in your life.

Nope. I have a minimum four-session requirement for new clients. Think of it this way. If you were to hire a personal trainer, would you only need one workout session to achieve the results you’re looking for? After you’ve been carrying around 10, 20, 30+ pounds of extra weight? Of course not.

It’s no different with energy coaching. In my experience, a minimum of four sessions with me helps you release a good portion of the energetic weight you’ve been carrying around. It sets you up for moving into a maintenance program of your choice or continuing to own and change your energy by yourself, enlisting my services only when you need them.

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First, let me get the obvious out of the way. Your available resources - time and money - play a role in how many sessions you choose to have.

Now, here’s the question to ask yourself: “How much joy and vitality do I want to experience?” The answer to that question will determine the level of commitment you have towards doing the deeper, inner work needed for lasting change.

Consider this quote by Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, “Your body is the life force power of some fifty trillion molecular geniuses. You and you alone choose moment by moment who and how you want to be in the world.”

Each session is like making a deposit of energy in your “Who I Want To Be” interest-bearing account. Over time the energetic currency is accrued and the compound interest grows the more sessions you receive. The amount of growth possible is limitless. Each session simply supports the limitless possibilities.

Yep! Sessions are available over the phone or through Zoom video conferencing. Whatever works best for you. You pick.

Just as the vibration of our voices exchange over the phone, whether 2 feet or 2,000 miles away, so it is with all energy exchange - it’s not limited by distance. You and I are both part of the same field of energy. Separation is an illusion. Everyone and everything is interconnected.


I do... on one condition. As long as one or both parents are also receiving sessions. Here’s why...

As a parent, although I know you have the sincerest intentions to help your child, when you bring your child to “therapy” there’s usually an underlying expectation for the therapist to “fix” your child. What you may not realize is that children often express - in symptoms and behavior - what’s unresolved between the parents or behind the parents. Systemic or generational patterns start with those above the children. So, as the parent, you play a vital role in changing the problem.

When you look at your child and only see them as having the problem, you rarely see the whole picture. It’s like only worrying about the puddle instead of repairing the leak. There’s value in cleaning up the puddle as long as you are also repairing the leak. If you really want to support your child, you must be willing to repair the leak too.

Take my informal and formal training in energy medicine, energy healing and energy psychology + professional coaching. Add in 20 years of corporate life in business management, sales, marketing, and professional development. Now, multiply that by my one-of-a-kind personal life experience. And that equals what I call Energy Coaching. That’s what I bring to each and every session.

But, if word problems aren’t your thing, I’ve got you covered right here: My Toolbox.

Profound results. I can’t exactly say how profound will translate for you. Webster’s defines it as something marked by having great understanding and insight or something deeply felt. I encourage you to read what some of my happy clients express as their profound results.

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