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megan mahle

Before seeing Stacy, I felt lost and stuck, cried at the drop of a hat, and was in a space of uncertainty and anxiety relative to almost every area of my life. I wasn't sure how to feel better but I knew something had to change.


Stacy helped me see that it was all chaotic energy. My energy. And, I could change it. The biggest positive difference for me was uncovering what was beneath the sadness and depression I'd been carrying around for 30+ years and transforming my daily mood 180 degrees. I now feel a sense of peace in my body. I feel resilient and able to deal with life's challenges with a calm and grace I didn't have before. I'm SO much happier. I no longer cry at the drop of a hat, and feel stronger and more confident emotionally. I'm even listening to upbeat music again!

Megan Mahle

San Diego, CA

Working with Stacy is not for the faint of heart. It can be challenging and sometimes a bit daunting. But, when the energy starts shifting, get ready...because it's amazing and sometimes almost unbelievable!


Life still throws problems my way, but Stacy has helped me to recognize those problems as opportunities. What a difference this has made for me not only personally but professionally as well. Stacy and her applications of energy work has helped me handle issues with patience and grace. It’s also showed me how to shift my client base from needy and energy-draining to appreciative, supportive and uplifting. Life changing!

Tamra Alexander Cook, CBS
jane winne

Stacy Dorius is the whole enchilada! Do you want results? Then call Stacy!


She is focused, brilliant, has laser logic, explains the science behind the Law of Attraction, giving it a real foundation to stand on, and she “connects the dots” like none other! She helped me get clear and focused, plow through barriers, and create a new platform and website for my business that now welcomes my perfect clients. Yes, Stacy is simply the best! This coach delivers profound results!

Jane Winne

Professional Coach |
jake tapia

Working with Stacy is one of the most productive and rewarding things I’ve ever done for my business (and myself).


It’s not only created significant growth in my business, but it’s also helped me achieve other specific goals such as obtaining the type of clientele and projects I desire. Being coached by Stacy is great - she is one of my favorite people in the world!  She always keeps the sessions moving forward at a comfortable and natural pace, and devotes her whole attention to my needs during that time. She's intuitive and works diligently and supportively to help me make the changes I need in order to grow. I look forward to every session and plan on continuing them indefinitely.

Jake Tapia

Owner |
sarah broderick

Energy coaching sessions supported me emotionally and mentally to reach my professional goals.


My position was the traditional 9 to 5, Monday to Friday hamster wheel. None of that was working for me. I had other goals in mind -  flexible hours, freedom to choose when and where I work, more income and less supervision. Within a year, I reached those goals. I now work as much as I want remotely, set my own schedule, and increased my income by about 50%. Plus, I received unexpected bonuses from my sessions with Stacy. Personal areas of my life that needed an update were addressed that complimented my secular goals. I would tell anyone who begins this process, go into it with an open and humble attitude, being honest with yourself, and willing to accept and integrate the changes that come. If you can do that, then you will benefit 100%!

Sarah Broderick

Real Estate Office Manager
marc vallefuoco2

Working with Stacy has been an eye opening experience.


I have been researching personal change for 10 plus years. I understood all the concepts and Law of Attraction “know-how” having read (hundreds of) books and attended seminars. Even hired coaches to help me achieve my goals only to see my net return in actualizing my goals be very small. Within the first few sessions with Stacy I realized that I was not pursuing the right things. A deeper awareness to follow my personal energy helped me get clear about what was right for me. Together we have locked onto a clear path and the details are falling into place. I’m now engaged in daily activities that leave me energized and eager for more. Be available, open and honest with yourself working with Stacy and watch things shift into a place that you choose.

Marc Vallefuoco

Real Estate Investor & Agent
aaron riddle

Before I started energy coaching, I often felt like something was off and I couldn't figure out what was wrong or what to do to fix it.


Stacy has helped me get back “on” with my business by helping me attract customers and feel comfortable being successful. She's helped me to reach personal goals as well. Working with Stacy has been worth the investment of time and money and she has made energy work fun!

Aaron Riddle

Owner, Tile Creations
agnes penot

I approached Stacy for both my professional career and personal enrichment.


I found immediate results and uncovered the layers that prevented me from being in touch with my inner strength and beauty. Now I feel more confident and positive about my abilities and life. Stacy is wonderful, very empathic and always finds the right words and images to help "dig" deeper and explain what resonance is about. Each session is done in a very friendly atmosphere. I can tell that Stacy loves what she does and that she cares about her clients.

Agnès Penot-Lejeune, Ph.D.

San Diego, CA
lisa moore

I had so many "A-Ha" moments being coached by Stacy not only for my business, but in my personal life as well.


Working with Stacy helped me unblock past patterns that kept me in fear, making it okay to be controlled and bullied by rude and disrespectful clients. The best part of changing those patterns is that now I know my worth and value in my business and am empowered to continue to grow. I no longer have clients that are rude or treat me disrespectfully. I learned to attract the right clients that match my energy. Everything is easier. My decisions are clear and precise. That inner growth is priceless to me. I feel like a new better version of myself. From day one, Stacy provided a very safe and comfortable space while helping me with trust, finance, vulnerability, love, forgiveness, and support. I've never personally felt so supported, loved, and respected. Stacy is an amazing woman with so much to offer and brilliant at her coaching.

Lisa Moore

Professional Hairstylist
jillian b

My life was in a funk. I was 'this close' to medicating myself for some peace of mind. Then I started to see Stacy.


She exposed me to the wonderful world of energy! Initially, I was cynical. I’d walk into her office and the first thing I’d say was, “I don’t believe in this. It’s not working. I don’t know why I’m here.” This is a testament to how cool it is to work with Stacy. She always kept her cool. She knew that it was my energy talking, not me. So she let me have my little rant and then we’d get to work. I continued to make appointment after appointment. Eventually, I stopped with the cynicism and embraced the huge changes in my life. At times I’d literally skip into my house after a session. I’d feel like I was floating through space. The energetic high was that great! Stacy and I dug deep. We got to some pretty gnarly roots and we pulled those suckers out. I’ve still got work to do. But my outlook, my life, and my peace are leaps and bounds from what they were. If you want to work with someone smart as a whip and empathetic as Mother Teresa, call Stacy. I did. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Jillian B.

Office Administrator
kendall suniga

Working with Stacy helped me go from stuffing my emotions with busyness, food and alcohol to living a life full of authentic peace in my heart.


With each session, the space Stacy provided sweetly peeled away the limitations I resonated with and my life has become lighter. Instead of going through the motions and along with the crowd, or staying in a career and relationships that stopped me from being my best, I'm now creating what I really want. I enjoy a profitable career in an environment that nurtures me, making what I ask for, with clients I love. I have true beYOUtiful friends and family surrounding me. I have down time to enjoy life, adventure in nature with my dog, and I pursue the things I'm passionate about.

Kendall Suniga

Hairstylist, Curly Girl Specialist
heather schwab

I have been a client of Stacy's for years. She has supported me from marriage to motherhood.


Recently, I wanted to start my own clothing line and design my first dress, but was feeling overwhelmed with the process. Even with an entrepreneurial background, I haven’t been as successful in my other businesses like I knew I could be. This time I wanted a different outcome and knew being coached by Stacy was what I needed for my business to succeed. I love that each coaching session is different. Not only do we focus on my business, but Stacy helps me create amazing growth in my entire life. Who wouldn’t want to be the CEO of their life and career!

Heather Schwab

Fashion Designer
sonja plummer

Being coached by Stacy has been a ‘Wow’ experience for me.


One of the most positive results I experienced from coaching is being able to move into action on several of my goals, almost effortlessly because I am motivated to prioritize my time so I can achieve them. An unexpected “perk” from my sessions has been in the area of personal relationships. My relationships are more open, honest, genuine and loving. I find it’s easier to be caring and concerned with others. This process has been the most energizing, exciting, powerful and motivating work I’ve ever done!

Sonja Plummer

President, Ecological Enterprises, LLC
laurie rodriguez

Stacy has been a tremendous life coach and facilitator.


I had areas of my life that were lovely, but there was always something within me that felt deep and sad. Through the coaching process I’ve been able to let go of negative patterns of anger and experience true joy. I married the love of my life, I navigate family issues with confidence, and I learned to love myself! Most recently, I lost my mother and yet found myself in a positive and embracing place in my mind. I was surprised and so pleased that the tools I’ve learned and growth I’ve experienced with Stacy was available to me in the most devastating of life’s events. I am so grateful! Thank you Stacy.

Laurie Rodriguez

Client Executive
lisa kelley

I had a life shifting experience in working with Stacy.


What I appreciated most is that she was able to tune into areas of my life that needed shifting that I wasn't even aware of, yet once we addressed the issue, I realized it was exactly what I needed. Maybe you're someone who knows exactly what's blocking you from ultimate joy, but perhaps you don't quite know; you just know that you're not feeling fulfilled. Stacy can help you release those negative belief systems, clear destructive energy and, with each session, help you to emerge a lighter, happier, more vibrant being. I'm so grateful for Stacy's help, she's my go-to gal and I've sent at least 5 others to her for sessions as well. Anytime I spot someone in need of greater happiness and clarity, I recommend her.

Lisa Kelley

Certified Master Coach
janna mauceri

Working with Stacy has been life changing to say the least!


I came to Stacy at a point in my life where I was feeling stuck and knew I needed energy to shift, but wasn't sure how or what was keeping me from moving forward. Since my regular sessions, I have been able to become completely aware of old negative patterns and Stacy has helped me shift them into positive ones, and understand what it is I am seeking in life!! It's the most incredible hour of my life when I see her and she is truly a wonderful mentor.

Janna Mauceri

Certified Integrative Healer
ben schwab

Working out the underlying negative beliefs I've always had but didn't realize were limiting me has been the biggest benefit from my coaching sessions.


Energy coaching has helped me gradually replace those limiting beliefs with realistic, positive beliefs. And, this has made it possible to reach out for more goals and extend myself where opportunities present themselves.

Ben Schwab

IT Professional
tommy rodriguez

My experience with Stacy during our sessions has been both about discovery and awareness.


Discovering the effect of life experiences and the energy connected to them, and being aware of this energy and how it impacts the decisions I make in my life going forward. I appreciate her genuine soul and positive approach.

Tommy Rodriguez

Sales Professional
alicia olejnik

Stacy's professionalism and passion complimented by her simple style make coaching sessions something I look forward to!


On all levels and in all areas of my life I've grown from working with Stacy. Personally, I was motivated to move forward in making decisions to achieve several life goals with joy and enthusiasm. Professionally, I got clarity and focus on how I wanted to run my business, and who I'd benefit and enjoy working with. And, energy coaching has contributed to my overall physical health and vitality from all the different techniques and modalities Stacy has used in our sessions.

Alicia Olejnik

Massage Therapist
kim fowler

Working with Stacy has been a very enlightening journey.


Shifting my resonance through Stacy's gentle coaching has opened my eyes to realize that I possess an inner strength, independence balanced with interdependence, and a sense of belonging. This realization has enabled me to actually experience those things. I now have a confidence and a comfort with other people that I have never felt before. It has changed the way I interact with my environment, my family, my workmates, and my world. It has changed not only how I love others, but also how they love me. I have a place. I belong. I am strong. I 'm valuable with something to offer to others. Each session is a notable step forward with a wonderment of what changes the next session will bring.

Kim Fowler

Accounting Manager
robert vacca

Since I am a big believer in the Great Law of Attraction, I attracted Stacy into my experience, primarily because her work of shifting my vibration to align with my heart's desire makes me a cooperative component for her service.


Stacy knows that "what we think about, we bring about," and helps me switch my focus from what I don't want to what I do want. From this positive vibrational set-point, I attract what I want and experience joy in the process!

Robert Vacca

De La TorreM-6971x Color standing hugging self

Stacy is by far the most phenomenal coach ever!

Her relaxed style, combined with her ease of gently digging deeply to identify core issues, yields fast sustainable results. Her extraordinary ability to see the big picture (regardless of complication) and zero down on core issues, as well as her timing in asking questions is striking. Stacy is not afraid to dig deep, yet does so with gentleness and safety. I highly recommend her!”

Monique De La Torre

Repatterning Practitioner

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