Podcast: How I came to own, change and love my energy.

Have you ever experienced one of those "firsts." You know what I'm talking about...the kind that make you feel like there's a butterfly farm living in your belly.

I remember some “firsts” in my life.

My first kiss from my neighborhood boy-crush. Oooo, butterflies! 🦋

My first studio apartment. 300 square feet of pure independence at a young 19. More butterflies! 🦋

My first “AftaShock” hip hop performance. Sooo butterfly-icious! 🦋

And, now, my first interview as a business boss. Bam! (Wanna listen? CLICK HERE.)


Boy were those butterflies flying! 🦋🦋🦋

Flying like the Monarch migration that swarmed through San Diego a few weeks ago.

Those beautiful breathtaking butterflies were clearly aligned with their inner magnetic compass, flying in the right direction in order to live their best butterfly lives.

That's what this interview felt like for me - an opportunity to fly towards my best business life.

Here’s how it happened...

The call from CUTV Radio flew in out of the blue. A moment of synchronicity that the Universe uses to say, “You're ready for this even if you don't know it.”

So, I said, “Sure! I’ll do it.” It sounded like fun. Like a challenge. An opportunity for a quantum leap.


I hung up. Then, reality kicked in. GULP! The reality of my voice being broadcasted over internet radio waves for who-knows-who to hear.

“What in the world are you thinking, Stacy?!” said my rational self to my emotional self.

“You’ve never done this before...and this one is LIVE. Chica, let me spell that for you: L.I.V.E. You can’t take this back. No do-overs here, girlfriend!”

The dialogue in my head continued…

“What if I mess up? What if I say something wrong?”

My overachiever, perfection-driver self kicked into Tesla Model S “ludicrous mode.” From 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, I went from chill to panicsville.

I’m no dummy. STAT! I called my coachest with the mostest to help me own, change and love my energy. (Thank you, Jane!)

While lathering myself with essential oils, I tapped away an entangled energetic pattern in my Heart Protector Meridian around this core limiting belief:

“I’m afraid of being vulnerable and exposed to the perception and interpretation of how others see me if I’m so public. I have to protect myself and my reputation from the ‘the enemy’ outside of my private life. It’s not safe to open my heart.”

And I transformed my resonance by activating the warmth of my Fire Element:

“I show up centered in my heart knowing who I am, what I do and where I belong. I connect to the audience with a warm, honest, relatable voice. I have the resources and confidence to live my life fully from an open and protected heart. I have fun and relax from beginning to end.”

Oooh yay!! Just the vibrational shift I needed to launch into the airways. Now my inner compass was aligned to my ultimate destination and I was ready to migrate towards growth and new possibilities.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie. I was still super nervous. But also super excited because now my inner belly butterflies were fluttering in fabulous formation. Snap!

I spread my wings and flew.

Here are some of the time-stamped butterfly highlights:

  • [04:36] - What set me on the journey of owning, changing, and loving my energy.
  • [05:28] - How my divorce and second marriage, together, exposed my buttons and helped me own my energy.
  • [08:10] - My “I’m still screwed up” awareness moment.
  • [09:23] - Why I created Simply Resonate.
  • [11:14] - Who I work with and how they (you) may talk about energy.
  • [13:45] - The science-side of how I help you own, change and love your energy.
  • [20:38] - The power you have to program your life to the perfect frequency. Hint: It has to do with your car radio.
  • [24:06] - Learn about the other two levels of coherence: Personal and Relationship.
  • [26:19] - Find out the #1 thing you need to heal painful patterns.

My vibrational voice rippled out into the Universe just like those Monarch butterfly wings rippled along the California coast.

Within one week of my interview airing, I had over 3700 hits on my website from 10 different countries. Butterfly-mania!!! 🦋🦋🦋

That's why I just had to share this with you! Come fly with me by listening to the podcast and sharing what resonated with you the most. Comment in the blog.

I would love to hear what makes your wings soar! Listen to the podcast here.

Simply resonating with you flying towards your best life too,