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Hi, I'm Stacy.

I push my own buttons.

I also dig Albert Einstein's mind. I love dancing to hip hop (especially 90’s). I have an insatiable appetite for learning - you'll typically find my nose stuck in a neuropsychology book. And above all, I’m an energy enthusiast!

Understanding, harnessing and shifting my negative energy to positive is my thang.

But it wasn’t always.

From the time I was a pre-teen, I had an icky, disquieting sensation inside me that I just couldn’t get a handle on. It was this feeling that made me fantasize about unzipping my skin, stepping out of my body, and showing people the real me. I think being overly caffeinated has a similar effect. Drink way too many espressos then wait for the discomfort to set in. That’s how I felt. And it was awful.

I wanted it - whatever it was - to go away! So, at the age of 26, I packed up my emotional baggage and went on a journey to find out what this uneasiness was and how to change it.

Years into my trip, I turned left (or right, depending on how you look at it) at a bright flashing neon sign called: Energy.


Come to find out, that disturbing sensation inside me - the one where no matter how hard I tried to come up with a logical reason, I still had no clue why I cried every time a Walt Disney preview came on TV - was simply energy.

That energy was buried alive, along with my feelings of insecurity, anger, resentment, and a family history that made me feel like I was in a game of Twister gone horribly wrong. Each buried feeling created a button “they” would push. And I’d react to. Who am I kidding? I’d overreact to.

Once I discovered energy work, all that button-pushing began to subside, along with the angst. I was using tools to help me dive deep and get to that feeling, the actual energy where I no longer needed to be stuck in my “It’s not safe to be me” straight jacket limiting beliefs.

Finally, I understood why generally uplifting happy-ending Walt Disney movies made me sob.

I was hooked. ENERGY became my favorite six letter word. I devoured books and took countless courses to learn how to unpack my emotional baggage and behaviors through the science and psychology of energy.

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One of the most liberating things I learned:

It’s not them. It’s me.

That truth moved my energy. And, it can move yours too.

By owning my energy, I learned to control it like a knob on a radio and be in charge of how I program Stacy’s Zen Station. Despite the static around me.

Want to change the momentum and direction of your energy? Ready to unpack your emotional baggage, lighten your load, and start a fresh course?

I’ll work with you (not on you) to clear up the roadblocks causing you to detour from your truth. And, together, we’ll pave a path that has you on cruise control with a full tank of free flowing positively charged vibes.

Own your energy. Shift your energy. Simply resonate.

Hey, do we resonate? I’m curious. Are you?

Schedule a free 25-minute call to see if we’re on the same frequency.

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"Stacy is the whole enchilada! She helped me get clear and focused, plow through barriers, and create a new platform for my business that now welcomes my perfect clients."

Jane Winne

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