What do Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch and Metallica have in common?

The answer: Good vibrations! C’mon, c’mon. Feel it. Feel it.

Last month we talked about the Metal Element and I made a reference to how Metallica wouldn’t come knocking at your door. Remember? 

Well, it got me thinking about those rockstars, their guitar-heavy music, and one radical night I spent watching them live.

(Cue the dream sequence movie scene where everything gets wavy and fuzzy while you’re transported back in time.)

A personal good vibration moment.

It was the summer of 1992, the Jack Murphy Stadium was packed full of big hair, bleached out blue jeans ripped in the knees, and black leather spiked jackets.

The Guns ‘n Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour was in San Diego. Me and my dangerously flammable big curly fro were primed for the rock concert of a lifetime! I’d like to thank Aqua Net Extra Hold hairspray for keeping said fro both perfectly coiffed and flame free all night.  

The electric guitars! The pounding drums!! The pyrotechnics!!! The 60,000 screaming fans!!!

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for arrived. The stage lights dimmed, there was a hush over the audience, and out of the darkness I heard the first few chords of Nothing Else Matters. James Hetfield gently plucked the guitar strings and we we’re drawn in like a magnet.

As if fireflies were floating in the sky to an invisible rhythmic wave, the flickering flames of tens of thousands of lighters held up high symbolized our connection to the band.

Every sound, every vibration resonated throughout my bones.

I’ll always remember how alive I felt that night. How my whole body tingled with connection and vibration. (End dream sequence.)

I don’t have a time machine to transport you back to 1992, but check out this super cool video of somebody playing Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters on an acoustic guitar. As he plays, the vibrations of the strings are mesmerizing.

Just like these vibrating guitar strings…

Every word we say.

Every thought we think.

Every feeling we have.

…is a wavelength of energy we send out into the world.

As the lyric goes, “All these words I don’t just say”, couldn’t be more true. Your words don’t just stop with you. They literally vibrate out into the world for all to hear. You’re basically a rockstar on a molecular level.

Dr. Caroline Leaf said it so elegantly in Who Switched Off My Brain?: 

Every thought has a corresponding electrochemical reaction in your brain. When you think, chemicals course through your body and produce electromagnetic waves which, if you could hear them, would sound like the most exquisite orchestral symphony.”

So, what song are you singing? Pop me an email and let me know.

Simply resonating with good vibrations,