How the Law of Attraction Works

Look at these axioms. They sound like propositions from a snake oil salesman.

Think yourself thin.

Go from rags to riches.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Yeah, sure. That works for some of my friends. Not me. In all honesty, I thought myself fat. I went from rags to well…rags. And if my dreams became reality, I’d be on my private jet en route to Necker Island shod in my fresh new kicks from the Yeezy Season 2 collection.

Is that what’s running through your mind? Are you frustrated with your situation? You made the vision boards. You applied strategies from The Secret. But there’s no return. All pain. No gain. What gives?

What’s up with the Law of Attraction? What’s missing if you’re not attracting what you want?

The Law of Resonance.

The Law of Resonance and the Law of Attraction work together, like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land. When both Laws get on board they make sweet music together. (And win a massive amount of Golden Globe Awards. Is there anything Ryan Gosling can’t do? I digress. Back to the laws.)

How do they partner?

The Law of Resonance creates the attraction in the Law of Attraction.

A person can want something all day long (Benjamins raining from the sky), but if you resonate with the belief “I don’t deserve it”, you won’t attract it. You have to change the underlying belief first. Then the Law of Attraction can kick in.

So, what is resonance? It’s when two frequencies of the same vibration cross paths. Like when an opera singer hits the note that’s the same frequency of a champagne glass. The glass vibrates because it matches the frequency of the note.

The same happens with you and your beliefs because you’re also made up of frequencies that vibrate. Say WHAA?

Yep. Thanks to Einstein we know that energy and matter are basically different forms of the same thing. Think water is to ice as ice is to vapor. E=MC2. That flower, tree, puppy, and you are made of vibrating atoms that are, in fact, energy.

Simply put, energy is information that vibrates. That means everything about you – your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs – is revealing your vibrational 411. When your energy exchanges with other energy of the same vibe this is called resonance, creating a match or attraction.

Here’s resonance in a nutshell: like attracts like.

If you resonate with the beliefs, “I deserve stacks of money for the work I do” and “I have a strong, athletic body”, then you’ve now activated the energy to attract scads of moolah and the platform to sculpt that hot bod. But your beliefs must, must, must match the frequency! Otherwise, modest wages and a serious muffin top may only be in your future.

Bottomline: You can’t fake energy.

What if you’re not at that frequency? You can change the channel! You can tune into new thought patterns that support your ability to show up as that super-cali-swagalistic-sexy-hella-dopeness girl that you are. Ooo yah!

It’s this approach that forms the foundation of my coaching practice. I coach with an energetic flair! And, I’ve got it down to a science.


Do you want to attract Ryan Gosling lookalikes? But the only guys that ask you out are Steve Buscemi’s doppelgangers? Perhaps you’re resonating with bug eyes, not bedroom eyes. That’s where I come in! Email me to schedule a sesh and I’ll put the magnetism behind what you want to attract.

Simply resonating with good vibes,




P.S. – A special shout out to my gal pal and colleague, Jane Winne at, who is my partner in crime on this blog. There isn’t anyone I’d rather ping with when it comes to the world of energy. She helps me leap to another stratosphere!