How Resonance Works – The Power of Attraction

You are running late to a meeting.  Without fail, this means that every stop light will turn red as you approach.  You’ll get stuck behind the driver who apparently wants to take a slow, sightseeing cruise down the highway.  It means that whether you need to stop off at the bank, the coffee shop, or the grocery store, on this day the lines will be way longer than ever before.

It almost feels like the universe has decided to make you as late as possible.  The more you freak out about how late you are, the more hurdles the universe puts in your way to slow you down.

Guess what?  It’s not the universe slowing you down.  It’s you!

What you resonate with, you attract.

When I meet a new group of people and introduce myself as an energy coach, I almost always receive quizzical expressions followed by the question, “What’s energy coaching?”  As I begin building this blog into a repository of useful information on resonance theory, coaching tips, and my personal reflections, I thought it would be a good idea to start with the basics.

The foundation of everything I do, teach, and believe is resonance.  Everything in the universe from your pinky nail, to an ant eater’s snout, the gunk in your gutters, and even your thoughts is made of energy.  Energy vibrates, creating a frequency that broadcasts out and draws in a matching frequency.

We all know our thoughts have power, but you might not realize exactly how powerful they really are.  When you start thinking, “Gah! I’m going to be late!”,  guess what’s really happening?  Your brain is resonating, “I’m going to be late!” into the universe, drawing that very reality into your life.  Suddenly, lights are turning red, you’re getting stuck behind the slowest driver in the world, and the line at your local coffee shop is out the door.

Resonance is actually quite simple.

If you have two minutes, then check out this video, where I explain exactly what resonance is.

This idea is pretty cool, but it’s even more powerful when you realize you can actually use this newfound knowledge to create entirely new experiences in your day-to-day life.  You don’t have to wallow in the bad stuff.  You can change your mind.  You can change your thoughts.  You can change your life by changing your resonance!

This is the cornerstone of what I do with clients (and what I do in my own life too!).  The realization that you can change your resonance is more valuable than gold, because you don’t really need to dig for gold when you can change the architecture of your thoughts and attract riches into your life – whether it be financial wealth, career success, great relationships, love, or how about all of the above?

I’ll go into greater detail about how to change your resonance in future posts, but hopefully this short article has at least started the change within you already.

Simply resonating,