Energy Boost or Energy Drink?

We’ve all been there.  The alarm goes off at 5:30am and immediately you regret going to bed late the night before.  You reach for the snooze button.  Not just once, but twice.  Finally dragging yourself out of bed you anticipate the “umph” you’ll soon get from drinking your first warm, soothing cup of coffee.

Later that day, as the 3 o’clock hour approaches you feel your energy fading.  A mental fog sets in.  Your thoughts get heavy.  You need a pick-me-up and grab an energy drink to give you an extra “kick” in order to finish the rest of your busy day.

Nowadays, when people need a boost of energy they reach for one of two things:  sugar or caffeine.  If it’s not a caramel macchiato at a local Starbucks, then there’s no shortage of energy drinks to choose from.  In case you hadn’t noticed, energy drinks claim to do just what the name implies – give you an extra burst of energy.  But where does this “energy” come from?  The two main ingredients:  sugar and caffeine.

You can boost your energy naturally.

My desire is to show you how.  In my blog I’ll have a series called “Energy Boost” where I will highlight a unique way to – you guessed it – boost your energy.  Naturally.

Each of the energizing options (or, technically speaking, modalities) I’ll share is a self-healing method or exercise, universal in nature, which harmonizes and balances the flow of energy in your body-mind-emotions system.  You’ll notice that they range from ancient healing techniques to cutting-edge modern science, and include a wide variety of options such as:

  • Process and Visualization
  • Sound
  • Color and Light
  • Movement
  • Breath
  • Energetic Contacts
  • Fragrance

Surprisingly, you may already be doing many of these…naturally.  Have you ever put on upbeat music to lift your mood when feeling down?  That was a sound modality.  Have you ever decided to wear a bright shirt?  Then you experienced a color modality.  Have you ever released stress by going for a brisk walk outside?  Movement and light modalities were involved.  Have you ever felt nervous or anxious and taken a few deep breaths to calm yourself?  You were using a breath modality.  Have you ever smelled a certain food and it brought back positive memories?  That’s an example of a fragrance modality.

The most effective and efficient modality is the one needed at a particular moment for a specific purpose because it carries the exact energy to harmonize your system.  That’s why something as simple as wearing a certain color can shift your energy.  With each Energy Boost blog, I’ll explain when best to use one of these options, how to do it, and the benefits it brings.  Whether you need to take your energy from low to high, scattered to focused, fuzzy to clear, hyper to calm – these energizing options can help deliver that shift for you.

Now here’s the small print.

As helpful and impactful as these energizing options are, for deep lasting change to occur within your body-mind-emotions system, you may need to address another area of your energetic intelligence: identifying and transforming underlying patterns you resonate with that cause disrupted and disharmonious energy.  In my energy coaching practice, this is where the real mastery of your energy takes place. Click here if you’re ready to start becoming a master of your own energy.

In the meantime, try each exercise.  See what fits, what brings results.  Notice what doesn’t.  Use them as much as you like.  Practice one and learn it well.  Then add in a new one.  Mix them up and experiment with how your energy responds.

Simply resonating with abundant energy for you,