Boost Your Energy: Clapping


clapping handdsFeeling sluggish? Holding tension in your head, neck or shoulders? Would you like to “clear the air” around you?  Here’s something you can do to help….clap.

Clap?  “But I only clap when I’m excited or cheering someone on or my favorite team scores a touchdown,” you say.  You’re right. Typically clapping is only associated with happy times, like sing-a-long songs or with a standing-O! at the theater. But, that’s the point. Clapping is a spontaneous response that makes you feel good.

The benefits of clapping.

Clapping is one of the simplest ways to increase your energy. Your hands are like built-in clashing cymbals with the power to generate a huge amount of sound that impacts your surroundings and creates a dynamic change around your body.  This sound ripples out in wavelengths and can break up stagnant energy even in a room, getting rid of that stale, sometimes funky, vibe.

When you clap your hands, it invigorates pressure points on your hands that correspond with organs and systems in the rest of your body, according to the theory of Chinese medicine. It moves your Chi (Chinese for “energy”) and clears any blockages in these areas.  That’s why you can use it for a range of symptoms that have you down in the energy dumps.

Also, because both your hands are sub-energy centers of your heart, clapping opens up your heart space to give and receive more love. No wonder clapping, or applause, is an expression of appreciation from the heart practiced around the world.

How to:

  • Get into a comfortable standing or sitting position.
  • Close your eyes and connect to your breath.
  • Begin to clap around your body, all or parts of it, or around a particular area that bothers you.
  • Allow your hands to clap in whatever rhythm, speed, or intensity you are drawn to.
  • When ready, come to a natural stop.
  • Breathe and be still for a few seconds to feel the energy moving throughout your body.

Let’s clap together.

Here’s a fun option. Grab a friend, your partner, or your kids. Take turns clapping around each other. As one stands still, eyes closed and relaxed, the other claps around their body as noted above. Afterwards, share what you noticed and experienced.

Want to wake your team up at a meeting…and probably cause a few laughs? Pair off and take turns clapping around each other for at least a minute each. Notice the surge of energy and connection afterwards.

Got energy?  Want some?

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