Stacy Dorius - Pg3 - Coaching

Tired of everyone else pushing your buttons?

Like your mother, ex-husband or next door neighbor?

“Gah! If only they would change (or go away), then I’d be happy and finally fulfill my dreams.”

Is that what you’re thinking? And secretly wishing.

Here's the real truth...

They don’t push your buttons. They expose them.

Those buttons are yours. 100% home-grown from the inside-out.

It’s up to you to own it. Like owning that teen pop station you’ve got preset in your car.

Believe it or not. That’s the good news. Why?

Because then you become the chief energy officer of your life, where you wear the pants and the belt says "BOSS".

Owning your energy gives you the power to reprogram your buttons to ones you want pushed. Like, I’m the bomb-diggity. Or, I’m rocking this entrepreneur thing. Or, gosh darn it, I am enough.

Instead of:

Looking like Bruce Banner on the outside but feeling like the Hulk on the inside;

Knowing you could be featured on Hoarders because your energy is jam packed with junk;

Or, having to water down your voice so much it tastes like bland oatmeal...


Becoming the person your 10-year-old self looks up to and says, “She’s so cool. I want to be her!”

Being able to change your Boo-hoos! to Woo-hoos!

Having an inner compass that helps you get to the destination while enjoying the journey.

That’s where I come in.

I help you program your energy to its perfect frequency.


With a little known thing called E=mc2. Smartie pants, Einstein, proved you don’t just have energy, you are energy. And, better yet, you can change it. (Who wants to argue with him?)

There’s tried and true ways to access, understand, change and own your energy. And...

I've got it down to a science.

You were born with many of these preset buttons that “they” seem to push. Like an inherited family map that makes your life journey feel as if you’re riding a beach cruiser with a crooked tire. Forget about going straight.

It's time to change that crooked tire by changing your resonance, and experience the freedom of pushing your own buttons.

Then, you'll be rockin' that new bossy belt as you cruise right into your happy place.

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