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Science of Energy

My first blogtalk radio interview.

So this happened the other day… My first blogtalk radio interview! Wanna listen? CLICK HERE. I remember other “firsts” in my life too. My first kiss from my neighborhood boy-crush. Oooo, butterflies! 🦋 My first studio apartment. 300 square feet of pure independence at a young 19. More butterflies! 🦋 My first “AftaShock” hip hop…

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Did you know you are a human tuning fork?

I was poking around the internet the other day when I came across this little gem of a video clip. >>Nerd out with me by checking out this short clip.<< I was so energized watching it, I was bouncing as wildly as the ping pong ball. This video perfectly demonstrates what resonance is: an energetic…

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How the Law of Attraction Works

Look at these axioms. They sound like propositions from a snake oil salesman. Think yourself thin. Go from rags to riches. If you can dream it, you can do it. Yeah, sure. That works for some of my friends. Not me. In all honesty, I thought myself fat. I went from rags to well…rags. And…

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What do Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch and Metallica have in common?

The answer: Good vibrations! C’mon, c’mon. Feel it. Feel it. Last month we talked about the Metal Element and I made a reference to how Metallica wouldn’t come knocking at your door. Remember?  Well, it got me thinking about those rockstars, their guitar-heavy music, and one radical night I spent watching them live. (Cue the…

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9 Keys to Transformation – Key 2: Resonance

Have you ever said or heard someone say: “That struck a chord with me.” “That hit a nerve.” “That tugged at my heart strings.” These familiar phrases highlight the second Key to Transformation: Resonance. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resonance as:  a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone.  And, a more technical…

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Resonance Muscle Checking – A Unique Tool of the Trade (Part 2)

Every good NFL coach has an athletic sports bag (toolbox) filled with practical, effective, and game-changing tools that help his athletes overcome obstacles, maximize their potential, and reach their goals successfully. Stuff like athletic tape, Gatorade, and IcyHot. As an energy coach, I have a specialized tool in my toolbox called Resonance Muscle Checking.  I…

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Resonance Muscle Checking – A Unique Tool of the Trade (Part 1)

Growing up, we learned that all thoughts and understanding originate in our brain. That big pink squiggly thing inside of our head holds all of our history – knowledge, events, thoughts, and feelings. Well, not exactly. Our entire body is actually a reservoir of intelligence, a highly intuitive organism that can often tell us important…

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How Resonance Works – The Power of Attraction

You are running late to a meeting.  Without fail, this means that every stop light will turn red as you approach.  You’ll get stuck behind the driver who apparently wants to take a slow, sightseeing cruise down the highway.  It means that whether you need to stop off at the bank, the coffee shop, or…

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