How Your Birth Story Creates an Energetic Imprint

Newborn babies. Those tiny pink squirmy things with oddly shaped heads and like zero gross motor skills. We love them don’t we?stacy and mom at hospital

Friends and family crowd the birthing room in anticipation of that new little person making her debut. When Ms. Thing finally decides to grace everyone with her presence the room erupts with cheers and tears. Mom is exhausted, but the second the doula puts that tiny miracle against her bare chest she knows only love.

“You’re here. I’m so happy to have you. I love you.”, she softly whispers in between joyful tears.

Those first few precious moments play a critical role in setting energetic patterns that will resonate with her for life. Feeling welcomed, loved, and accepted will be imprinted on her DNA setting the tone for relationship to self and others. Let’s look at how this may show up in your life.

A first for everyone.

Mom has you all dolled up in your best outfit. You have one hand holding your shiny new Care Bears lunch box and the other hand holding tightly to Mom. She walks you to your classroom, gives you a kiss, and let’s go of your hand. You walk into Kindergarten tasting your first sweet sips of independence.

What do you see? A dozen other little people just like you! Now think back to how you felt. Did you immediately feel like all these mini-dudes and dudettes were excited to play with you? How did you feel when your teacher put her arm around your shoulder and told you it was nice to meet you?

Making friends.

Your favorite cashier at the local co-op invites you to a party. Some friends of hers are hosting a farm-to-table dinner and she thinks you’d fit right in. You drop in on the party (with a bottle of locally made kombucha for the host) and are met with a small group of people with similar interests elbow deep in a pot of pumpkin soup. Are you at ease? Do you feel included? Or do you feel like the girl who showed up with Totino’s frozen pizza rolls?

Being part of a team.

Starting a new job can stir up all sorts of emotions. Being the new kid on the block is tough. You have to figure out which cog in the wheel you are. How does being in that environment affect your emotions? Do you feel like part of the team right away? Do your peers seem to take a liking to you and include you in lunch plans or after work happy hours? How does your boss receive your input?

These 3 areas of life and their emotional impact on you demonstrate imprinted energetic patterns made at birth. Two people can live through the same scenarios with vastly different experiences. This is energy at work. If you don’t feel received with love, acceptance, or pleasure and want to, then it’s time to shift that vibration and align yourself with feeling welcomed and wanted. Contact me for a session!

Okay, it’s my turn to get personal.

Recently, I asked my mom and dad to share their version of my birth story again so I could listen through ears of healed understanding.stacy with siblings

It was October 15, 1971. At 11:15am at Lee Fu Sung Reh Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, I came into the world. Surrounded by a Mandarin-speaking doctor and nurses, I was named Sī tàixī (斯泰西), Chinese for Stacy. I’ve known these facts since childhood.

Yet, it was a Chinese saying (and belief) imprinted on my tiny baby cells that has made a visible impact on my life throughout the years:Xiān kāihuā ránhòu shuǐguǒ” (先开花然后水果) – “First the blossom, then the fruit.”

As was custom in my birthplace, boys were highly esteemed. Girls, not so much. It appeared the fruit was valued more than the blossom. My parents had already produced two blossoms (my older sisters), so it was understandable my dad was hoping for a boy. I’d later try to fulfill this subtle, yet profound, expectation with my tomboy roughness and toughness, and a ‘man-up’ energy I adopted to survive in life. Only to neglect and disconnect from the value my feminine energy had to offer.

You can blossom after birth.

But, now, with my shift in resonance, I heard my parent’s words differently.stacy-birth-note

My mom told me, When they said it was a girl, I was happy. You were a beautiful little thing.” Sharing her belief behind ‘first the blossom, then the fruit’ she said, This means that if you have a girl first and you don’t have a boy, it’s important to remember that nature tells us we have to have the flower first, then after the flower, the fruit is produced.”

The positive vibes of “I’m wanted” and “I’m important” now wrap my heart like a soft blanket from her words.

As for my dad, what’s written in this card he gave my mom 45 years ago: “…a beautiful girl it is, and one look tells me I could not hope for anything better, for Stacy Lin appears to be perfect is what I resonate with today.

What little girl doesn’t want to hear “she’s perfect” from her dad on the day she is born?!! I do! I did!!

I have to say, after one more blossom (my little sister), my parents finally did get their fruit, my baby brother.

entire family of seven

I was a drooling helpless little baby a long time ago in a land far away. My parents gave me their energy (good and bad) and I absorbed the energy from the place I’m from. Yup, I still crave a bowl of spicy Asian noodles when I need some comfort.

So, what’s your birth story? Do you know it? If you can (and if you’re ready), ask your parents about your birth to gain some perspective and insight into your energetic patterns. Or, already have that insight? Email me. I’d love to hear it!

Simply resonating with feeling welcomed and wanted,



  1. Sunny Sanderson on June 21, 2018 at 5:53 PM

    Okay 2 things. 1. I was born October 16,1971. How cool is that? And 2. I have only vague memories of my birth stories and they weren’t good ones. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to open that Pandora’s Box just yet. But I thank you for sharing yours. I enjoy reading your posts very much. I feel the good vibes in every one.

  2. Stacy Dorius on July 2, 2018 at 4:16 PM

    Wow! Born 1 day apart…that is *so* cool!! Healing never takes place with force, so kindly accept the pacing of your healing process. In your best timing, you will be ready to connect with your birth story and bring a new frequency to it.