Are You a Party Pooper or Party Pumper?

Have you ever been at a party having a decent time when someone new walks into the room and suddenly the place, and everyone in it, lights up?

You know the

Instantly the food tastes better. The conversation becomes lively. And the music hits your ears just right.

What changed? The energy. THE life of the party just walked in. This guy brings it. And when I say “it” I mean, he turns the dial up to 11! He’s the Norm to Cheers. The Chandler to Friends.

Ok, now, imagine a time when you entered a room so uncomfortable that you felt like you could cut the tension with a knife. You could taste the funk in the air. Blech! Totally bad vibes.

What you experienced is what the Heart Math Institute calls Social Coherence.

We’re all affected by it and we all contribute to it.

Collective energy is the life of the party.

There’s a collective energy we bring. When A-game energy is in the room, you get the goosies, your heart pitter patters, and your smile beams so wide your cheeks hurt.

Collective energy, you ask?

Yes, collective energy! A group of people bringing their best vibes to support a common cause.

You have the power to make magic happen. You can be a party pooper OR a party pumper!

So show up. Pump up the jam. And make the party spicier than the cheese dip!

Click here to watch a video about Social Coherence and see how you can become The (fill-in-your-name-here) to Rabbi Levenstein’s next Bar Mitzvah!

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Simply resonating with YOU being the life of the party,