9 Keys to Change Your Life – Key 3: Your Kinesthetic Sense

“Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can.”

I’ll be honest, spiders aren’t my favorite little creature. I jump at the sight of those black crawly multi-legged things if they happen to cross my path unexpectedly. Eek!

But, I’m not here to talk about spiders.

I’m here to talk about what you and I have in common with this popular comic book superhero, Spiderman.

You see, Spiderman has a Spidey Sense – an extraordinary ability to sense looming danger in his environment. He gets an “itching” or “tingling” sensation beneath his skin even before his conscious mind has a chance to register a threat (because then, of course, it’d be too late).

His superpower kicks in providing him with a deep level of intelligence that evaluates and identifies the uncertainty in his environment instantaneously. This triggers an immediate response, an instinctual reflex, resulting in him escaping the peril or ambush of enemies. Go Spiderman!

You can spin your spidey-sense too.

Are you an arachnid superhero? No. But do you have an impressive spidey-sense? Yes!

Thankfully, unlike Peter Parker, you needn’t be bit by a radioactive spider to tap into it.

You were born with it. (Or maybe it’s Maybelline?)

The same way you were born with the sense of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching – you were also born with a sense of knowing – a kinesthetic sense.

This sixth sense isn’t a stranger. You know it. You’ve experienced it. You’ve probably just called it something else, like:


Feeling in my gut.

A hunch.

A kinesthetic sense is your natural inborn sense of knowing. It’s your spidey-sense.

Because of your kinesthetic sense, you’re a highly developed sensing device. Like a heavy-duty internal antenna that reaches out to access every single pulsing event within yourself and your environment.

The science behind your kinesthetic sense.

But, you might ask, what really IS it? I can’t see it. How can I believe in it? True. Although, you can’t see wind either; but you definitely believe in it when you feel that delightful cool breeze on a muggy day. So, I encourage you to continue reading…

Your intuition is energy. In fact, it’s kinetic energy. Energy that’s associated with motion.

It’s inseparably linked to your somatic nervous system which detects what’s going on within you and, through electrical signals, fires up your muscles in response.

Imagine each of your senses like a satellite dish, able to pick up the frequencies in your environment. Your eyes pick up frequencies of light. Your ears pick up frequencies of sound. Your nose, frequencies of smell. You get my drift?

It’s no different with your kinesthetic sense, your gut. It picks up frequencies of your innermost thoughts and emotional responses in relation to people, places and things.

Like 7-Eleven, it’s accessible 24/7.

Here’s how it works.

When you engage one of your senses, frequencies are transmitted to your brain as electrical impulses. Your brain decodes these frequencies so you see shape, color or texture; you taste spicy, sweet, or salty; you hear sounds of music and words.

Your brain transforms this raw electrical information into an experience. It’s what makes lunch at your favorite beach a sensory jubilee!

You feel the sun on your skin, the sand in your toes, the breeze through your hair.

You gaze in awe at the variations of blue in the sky and in the water.

You listen to the sounds of crashing waves and incessant chattering of seagulls.

You taste the tangy goat cheese and bright balsamic vinaigrette in your roasted beet salad.

When you engage your kinesthetic sense, the same process occurs. Your brain decodes the frequencies and a cascade of chemical neurotransmitters flood your body and create a gut response.

In fact, you sense it like Spiderman. An instant itch or tingle. A conscious awareness of your mind/body connection. That is, if you’re paying attention.

Have you tuned-out your spidey-sense?

Not paying attention to this built-in tuning fork will get you caught in a web of interference. A trapping belief of “I’m fat” will have you bumping right into danger — the arch-villain Ms. Devaluer or Ms. Saboteur.

Like when you “know” it’s not a good time to try on Michael Kors Winter dress line. But, you override the feeling and do it anyway. There you are, staring at yourself in the Macy’s fitting room mirror with feelings of shame and “I hate my body” running through your head. Pow! Thwack! Ouch!

If you’ve ever walked face first into a spiderweb you know how disturbing it feels. By not tuning into your “felt sense” during times like this, it’s no less horrifying.

But, all is not lost.

By shifting your resonance with villain-like beliefs, you sharpen your spidey-sense to navigate around obstacles with your energetic web-slinging and wall-crawling alertness and awareness. With an ability to listen and trust your spidey-sense, marvelous things are in store!

Those days when you’re charged with confidence and swag…Embrace it! Go shopping, girl. Sashay up and down the dressing room hall like you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel. You’re clearly resonating with your body acceptance frequency. Own it. Kapow!

Need to get your spidey-sense tingling?

Is it a bit on the dull side? Would you like to sharpen it? Do you want your own superhero unitard with a giant spider motif?

I can help you with the spidey-sense. Contact me to book a sesh! You’re on your own with the unitard.

Simply resonating with all senses firing,





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  1. Virtual Private Server on May 16, 2017 at 5:30 PM

    I really enjoyed reading this I have spent so many years of my life trying to put these kinds of principles into action, yet the motivation to be motivated to put these kinds of things into action seems to be missing. What you said about your environment, and emotions having a lot to do with your actions and motivation, is very intriguing.

  2. Stacy Dorius on May 17, 2017 at 9:29 AM

    Thanks for your input! I’m glad you benefited from the blog and it’s brought you deeper understanding as to what might be behind lack of motivation to manifest energy-based principles so you get tangible results.