9 Keys to Transformation – Key 2: Resonance

Have you ever said or heard someone say:

  • “That struck a chord with me.”
  • “That hit a nerve.”
  • “That tugged at my heart strings.”

These familiar phrases highlight the second Key to Transformation: Resonance.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resonance as:  a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone.  And, a more technical definition is:  a sound or vibration produced in one object that is caused by the sound or vibration produced in another.

It’s no surprise then that we hear sayings like this when people are expressing how they connect with and are impacted by someone or something.  Nowadays, it’s quite common to hear on the news or in conversations someone say: “That really resonates with me.”  Actually, it even seems culturally trendy to say you resonate with an idea, a style, a cause, or a person.

What does it mean to truly resonate with someone?  Let’s look at this simple phenomenon in physics that has now become an everyday concept.

Key 2:  Resonance

Everything radiates a frequency and has the capacity to set a similar frequency vibrating.  This is called resonance.  It occurs when there is a transfer of a vibration between two objects with the same natural frequency.  The following five aspects of resonance taken from Quantum Change Made Easy help explain how resonance continually operates in your life:

1.  Frequencies.  What you resonate with, or are set vibrating by, are frequencies or pulsations. These pulsations can be measured.  For example, the note of C pulses at 261.63 cps.  Colors pulse at the equivalent of trillions of cycles per second.  Every thought, feeling, organ, and cell within your body-mind-emotions system has its own unique frequency too.

2.  Exchange. Resonance creates an energy exchange between one thing and another.  You may wonder why someone treats you with disrespect.  But, if you are resonating with a disordered frequency such as being disrespected, you will experience this kind of frequency from others.  Although it may look like the other person is the problem, you too are involved in the vibrating exchange.  Any problem you have involves a two-way resonance: the other person’s and your own.

3.  Attraction.  The frequencies you resonate with create your own magnetic field of attraction. Your frequencies, vibrating back and forth in an energy exchange within your own body-mind-emotions system, create a magnetic field which attracts similar frequencies.  This means that if you want to change your experience, you need to change the resonance within yourself that attracts what you experience.

4.  Power.  You have the power to change your resonance.  Instead of resonating with being disrespected, changing your resonance to an ordered frequency such as feeling respected, loved, and appreciated supports you in attracting people and situations in which these frequencies are amplified and enjoyed.  How you respond to every situation, how you relate to people in your life, and how you experience your environment is within your power because of your resonance.

5.  Entrainment.  Resonance creates change through the principle of entrainment, by which one frequency brings another into synchronization.  Synchronized rhythms are energetically efficient.  The more harmonious your frequencies are, the more you create harmony in others.  This is why a person may tell you they feel better just from talking with you.  Or, you feel more uplifted and energized after spending a few minutes with a friend.  In the exchange you both are ‘in sync’.

Translating resonance into everyday life.

Unless you’re prone to nerdy physic topics like me, the mechanics of resonance is probably the last thing on your mind.  No problem!  Leave the science part to me.  What I want more than anything is to help you see how resonance is playing out in your everyday life.

In my coaching practice, one very common belief clients resonate with is not being good enough.  Resonating with a fear like this is similar to wearing glasses stamped with not good enough across them.  Everywhere you look, you see not good enough.  The negative consequence of your resonance with this fear is:

  • Being critical and judgmental of yourself, of everything, and of everyone.  Nothing is good enough!
  • Attracting relationships with people who let you down, exclude you, or hurt you.
  • Holding onto customers who disrespect your time, complain about your fees, or demand you give more than you want.
  • Experiencing failure and disappointment from the efforts you make in your business or career.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these situations?  Now, imagine being able to wear a different pair of glasses that say, “I am enough!”   This change in resonance creates a completely different outcome of:

  • Valuing and accepting yourself and others.  All is good!
  • Attracting relationships with people who support you, include you, and treat you with love.
  • Working with customers who respect your time, willingly pay for your services and products because they recognize the value, and take only what you give.
  • Experiencing success, encouragement, and tangible results from the effort you put forth in your business and career.

Resonance causes change.

Resonance is more than an inspirational idea.  Because you are interconnected through resonance with all other beings, the uplifting personal changes you make immediately radiate through the unified field of energy and, through resonance, make the frequencies of positive change available to all who are receptive and in tune to these frequencies.  Positive change begins with the power of one, you.

Coming up next…Key 3:  The Kinesthetic Sense.  Or, if you missed it, read Key 1: Energy.

Does this resonate with you?

What “struck a chord with you” in this blog?  Did anything “hit a nerve”?  I’d like to know.  Be the first to share below.

Simply resonating,



  1. Marlene Saile on August 26, 2017 at 9:41 AM

    Great information.

    But how does one “wear a different pair of glasses that say, “I am enough!” ??????

  2. Stacy Dorius on August 28, 2017 at 2:58 PM

    Hi Marlene – Thanks for your question! You put on new glasses by using energy-based tools that access the unconscious limiting beliefs you resonate with and change them. Literally, shifting the frequency and rewiring neural pathways. It’s not only a cognitive process..it’s an energetic process.