9 Keys to Change Your Life – Key 1: Energy


Ron Burgundy, arguably one of the best comedic characters of our time was trapped in a glass case of emotion. His professional and personal life was falling apart. He felt stuck. Like Houdini, but without an escape plan.

Are you trapped in your own glass sarcophagus? Do your negative thoughts, depleting feelings, and destructive behaviors keep you in the little of town of Stucksville? Population: You.

Good! Well, not good that you feel stuck. But good that you recognize you’re in that state and are looking for a way out. A way up.

I can help. I’ve got nine keys that I use in my energy coaching practice that can set you free. These keys will help you unlock the chains that keep you tied to a life of limitation, difficulty, and depletion. Starting with Key Number One: Energy.

Everything is energy. Energy is everything.

Those two simple sentences hold such profound meaning. Think about some forms of energy you use every day:

  • Heat. You use this energy to cook your egg white and spinach omelette in the morning.
  • Gravity. The energy that makes it challenging to hold Dancer’s Pose in hot yoga.
  • Vibration. This energy in motion allows you to hear the sweet sounds of your baby’s cooing.

The entire Universe – everything from the tiniest specks of stardust to the mightiest Redwoods – is all energy. Teeny tiny microscopic atoms are the foundation of all life. And they vibrate. It’s pure energy! You are pure energy.

My number one crush, Mr. Albert Einstein, spread the word that every cell in the human body generates an electromagnetic field. And that energy is what every function of the human body is based on.

“Our human bodies are miracles, not because they defy laws of nature, but precisely because they obey them.”

– Harold S. Kushner

Your energy is yours.

The only person who controls your energy is you.

Chloe Faith Wordsworth describes it with this illustration in Quantum Change Made Easy:

Imagine your life energy as water flowing through a hose. When your life is positive, events flow with harmony and your life energy moves in ways that give you a sense of well-being. When a disturbing incident happens–like an argument, accident, or loss of some kind–your energy constricts in response. It’s as though someone has put their foot on your hose, depressing it so the flow is reduced to a trickle. You may even feel that the problem, or the person involved with any problem you have, is the cause of the obstruction – that it really is their foot on your hose that is causing your pain and discomfort.

Your energy, however, is yours. No one else, and no outside circumstance, has the power to constrict the flow of who you are. The way your life energy flows through your body-mind system is unique to you.  In other words, you can take your own foot off your own hose.

Are you stepping on your own hose? Are you trapped in a glass box of your own making?

Change your energy. Transform your life.

The value in understanding the Key of Energy is the awareness that any problem – lack of customers, feeling unloved, your “trick knee” acting up, a toxic relationship – is a clue that your energy is stuck. Basically, you’re stepping on your own hose.

When you discover why you’re standing on your own hose you can change your resonance with that energy. Then you can flow freely again. You can transform your energy so that you have control over your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

Unlock your energy today.

What area of your life do you need to unlock with this key? How would transforming your energy and smashing that glass box benefit you? Ready to find out? Book a sesh.

Here’s a bonus!

Watch this short video on why energy is a key to transformation!

Coming up next…Key 2: Resonance.

Simply resonating with vibrant energy,