9 Keys to Change Your Life – Key 5: Problems Into Opportunities

You know what’s a super lame problem to have? Hemorrhoids. I’m currently hosting a nice little swollen vein in the ole nether regions. I call him Harry.

(Full Disclosure: Buyer beware of saying yes to a substitute colon-hydrotherapy practitioner when yours is on vacation. Procedure may result in unfortunate harm to said area. Trust your gut. Save your butt.)

So, my problem is my inability to sit comfortably. What’s yours?

Are you nervous about the new job with the start-up? Is the stress eating getting out of hand? Do your emotions fluctuate as much as the stock market?

Problems in life are a pain in the hemorrhoid zone. Even so, at the core of every problem is an opportunity for growth.

Say whaaat? There’s a plus side to having hemorrhoids or fiscal insecurity? You betcha!

KEY 5 of the 9 Keys to Change Your Life series explains how to find the energy in every problem and turn it into an opportunity. (Need to brush up on the other four Keys? Click here.)

In The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale says, “Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution.”

With energy, that means tucked away inside your problem is a clue that you’re resonating with disordered frequencies. Whether it’s a chronically flaky client or a strange new rash, it’s a signal that your energy has derailed – somewhere, somehow.

Try this exercise: Close your eyes and think of a problem. What happens in your body? Do you feel your neck and shoulders tense? Has your breath become shallow? Is there an ache in your belly? Becoming aware of how your body responds to a problem helps you recognize that you’re tuned into life-depleting energy. But, simply accepting you have a problem doesn’t solve it. More is needed.


Here’s 3 ways to tune into the opportunity:

1) Remember, every problem is a messenger.

The little engine icon in my car is on. Apparently noticing it and ignoring it doesn’t make it turn off. Ok, I could simply pull the wire out that connects the doo-hickey to the dash. Problem solved? Uh, nope. The light will go off, but the real problem will get worse until I’m stranded somewhere on the side of the I-5.

Better to hire a professional who can look under the hood and find the underlying cause. Then, the problem will be fixed AND the engine icon goes bye-bye.

Your “energy engines” are similar. Your problems are your check engine lights. They’re letting you know that you resonate with something that needs to be resolved. Your problems are begging you to check under the hood to find the blown fuse in your resonance.

So, what’s the message in my problem – my hemorrhoid? Remember him? It might be as simple as looking at my diet. Not enough fiber? Or water? Maybe there’s a deeper issue with my large intestine and an inability to let go? It’s time to put on the coveralls and get to work discovering the opportunity in a colonic treatment gone awry.

2) Notice how every problem reveals an attitude.

What attitude are you holding onto that makes you the problem? What attitude do you have that aggravates the problem?

Think about the same problem from before. Do you recognize any of these attitudes in yourself? Or hear yourself saying any of this?

An attitude of blame (gahhh!)

It’s not my fault! You did this to me.

I’m right. You’re wrong.

An attitude of helplessness (sigh)

I can’t do anything about it. I’m stuck.

People let me down.

An attitude of being a savior (ta-daa!)

It’s my job to fix everyone and everything.

I better take care of their needs because they can’t.

Best to check these attitudes at the door. Each time you take personal responsibility for your problems and accept that they reflect an aspect of your own internal reality, you unlock the opportunity in your problem.

3)  Realize every problem points to a need.

All problems in life have underlying needs – a deeper inner truth that’s asking to be heard. Identifying and meeting the need takes you beyond a linear solution to the present problem. It up-levels your frequency toward a quantum leap – a higher state of well-being, empowerment, and purpose.

Unless and until you identify and meet the underlying need, the problem will persist and you’ll miss out on your inner growth.

Mr. Harry Hemorrhoid will help me illustrate: If I were to ignore my diet and water intake, or never deal with the things I need to let go of, he’ll continue to pop in for a visit from time to time as a reminder.

When faced with a problem, ask yourself: What do I need in this situation in order to move forward from a position of strength, not weakness? What about my present problem feels similar to something in my childhood, and what did I need back then that would have made a positive difference?

Don’t be pushed by your problem. Be pulled by the opportunity within it.

This Key to Change Your Life is the Preparation-H of resonance. Try it next time you’re faced with a nagging problem. Shift that non-coherent energy into a life-giving possibility.

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Simply resonating with newfound opportunities,