4 Simple Ways To Feel Joy This Summer

Summer is here! The sun is high in the sky showering us with light and warmth. I feel so alive when the sun is shining on my face! Don’t you?

That ball of fire warms up and invigorates our souls. The brightness within us reflects the brightness of that tiny, but powerful star. Let’s capitalize on all this sun shall we?!

The Chinese Fire Element is in full effect. Here’s 4 simple ways to put the fuel on the Fire Element this summer to help you resonate with the vibration of joy.

1. Laugh ‘til it hurts.

Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” I agree. The sound of laughing creates endorphins which create joy. Joy boosts your immune system and makes you feel fantastic! Laughing creates relaxation, happiness and opens your heart to love. We all desire that.

Get together with your funniest friends and relish in their ridiculous stories and sassy one-liners. Those who laugh together automatically feel bonded. Yes, there are some pretty hilarious people on Instagram but you, and your friends, will feel a deeper connection if you laugh ‘til you cry, face-to-face.

Don’t have a Will Ferrell-esque friend to bring out the belly laughs? I’ve got the next best thing! Try this energy exercise that will have you, your kids, and your friends doubled over in laughter.  

2. Burn something.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!…I’m not advocating starting a brushfire or burning down a building. No way, José! I mean, burn some wood at a bonfire or fire up the BBQ. That sort of thing. The aroma of something scorched like a burnt marshmallow, or a blazing campfire resonates with the frequency of summer.

Grab a fire pit or your Habachi, grill some shish-kabobs and put the perfect sear on an Ahi steak. Inhale the sweet smell of fire and char while it cooks. Now that’s summer!

3. Eat or drink something bitter.

All you coffee and tea lovers ought to load up your Starbucks card this summer! Bitter is the taste of summer energy. Cold brew coffee! Black passion fruit iced tea! Yum. More of a salad eater than a coffee drinker? Easy. The bitter flavor is also found in dark greens like chard and arugula. Top that bad boy with some nuts and a nice dressing, add a dash of turmeric and you’re all set.

4. Sprinkle your life with red.

Plant little splashes of the color red in your day-to-day life to light your Fire. You can wear it. Baywatch red bathing suit or trunks? Absolutely! Red lipstick? It’s ALWAYS appropriate if you ask my friend, Heather. You can eat it. Make a radish, red bell pepper, and tomato salsa. Nibble on strawberries and honey crisp apples for a natural pick-me-up. And, you can decorate with it using bright, bold accents at home. (Psst…a red planter at your front door is good feng shui.)


Try these four simple tips to keep you resonating with summer’s happy vibrations.

Shift and shine, my friends!

Simply resonating with you having a joyful summer,