3 Fun Ways to Boost Your Energy for Spring

I don’t know about you but when the time, season, and weather change all at once it throws my mind and body for a loop.

I find myself wide awake in the middle of the night thinking about how I need to re-alphabetize my spices, and organize the paint cans in my garage by size and color. And in the morning, instead of springing out of bed like a newly born gazelle, I tuck myself under the covers like a slumbering winter bear.

My usual gusto for life takes a slight dip with so much sudden change. My workouts suffer. My sleep suffers. My laundry suffers. Trust me, my hamper looks like the Niagara Falls of dirty clothes.

Do you find yourself in a little slump despite the extra sunlight? Are your spring allergies getting you down? Is the constant chirping of the birds outside your window making you reach for your noise cancelling headphones?

Get out of your funk and into an energized state with these simple exercises:

  1. Give yourself a round of applause. Why should musicians and street performers get all the action? Take a moment to clap yourself silly with this technique that breaks up stagnant energy.
  2. Take a jaunt down memory lane. Replace the embarrassing memories that pop into your mind at random moments with empowering memories that make you feel good all over.
  3. Shake what your momma gave you. Taylor Swift was probably stoking her energy reserves when she wrote Shake It Off. Get rid of the grouchies. Move into a space of joy with this freeing full body energy jolt.

Use these simple, but effective, methods whenever your Spring vibes take a nosedive.

Stimulate your brain. Perk up your body.

Simply resonating with virtual jumper cables,




P.S. Here’s a bonus energy boost: Laugh! You don’t need instruction for this. Grab a friend. Grab a movie. Grab a feather. Whatever tickles your fancy.