2 Childhood Stories Your Weight May Be Telling

Some women don’t leave the house without putting on mascara. Some don’t step outside until their earlobes are adorned with a pair of pearl earrings.

Me? Lately, I don’t go anywhere without my Athleta Metro pants. You see, I’m carrying around an extra 15 LBs on my waistline so I’m getting pretty creative with spandex centric outfits. Anna Wintour would be proud or Joan Rivers would have a field day. Not sure which.

What I do know is that beach bound weekends are nigh and I just don’t have the body type to pull off a swim skirt. Instead, I gotta get this bod bikini-ready, stat.

Before I signed up for every Body Sculpt class available and cut all sugar from my diet, I knew the most crucial step I needed was to resonate with letting go of excess weight. I needed to make sure I released the toxic energetic weight that might block me from shedding physical weight.

So I gave myself a session. I listened to the buried messages my body was carrying. And, I discovered an extra 15 pounds of negative beliefs like:

I push too hard.

I carry too much on my plate.

I feel stuck.

Time to shift my resonance!

No surprise. Much of it stemmed from my own outdated childhood stories.

Ah, childhood. The time of jump rope and climbing trees. And, of being imprinted with limiting life beliefs you may carry on your hips years later.

Felt good to release that energetic weight and, instead, resonate with:

I honor my need to rest, relax, and have fun so I’m fully recharged and ready to work.

I nurture myself with a sense of joy.

I fill my plate with healthy meals and I feel nourished by them.

Are you struggling with a few (or a lot) of extra pounds? Are you carrying unresolved pain from your childhood that’s weighing you down? What story is your body telling you?

Childhood Story #1

Do your thighs and belly tell you:

“I have to protect myself from harm because no one else will.”

Do you gain weight for no apparent reason? Does it seem like no matter how many Spin classes you take or how many times you sub fries for a side salad the weight just doesn’t come off?

The answer may lie in your childhood. Here’s why.

Kids need to feel loved, safe, and protected. If those basic needs aren’t met you may put on the pounds as a “protection”. It’s symbolic – you gain weight to feel big. That bigness makes you feel secure because on the inside you feel vulnerable and small.

You’re an adult now. You’re safe. You’re loved. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘I’m protected by unconditional love, not weight.’

Childhood Story #2

Maybe those pesky pounds are saying:

“I’m unacceptable and have no value.”

Does the guy at the Taco Bell drive-thru know your name? Is your pantry stocked with overly processed foods?

How were your early years?

As a child, if you felt devalued or unaccepted it can be mirrored in your body by disliking how you look. You don’t accept your thick thighs, pudgy belly, or flabby arms. The self-critical talk overtakes your thoughts. And because you feel valueless you eat food with little value to match that low energetic state.

Instead, what healthy nourishing foods support you in feeling valuable? Make a list and say to yourself, ‘I accept myself and my body. I celebrate and appreciate who I am.’

Feel great. Look great.

By addressing the stuck energy around your weight you can shift the low frequency that’s causing the problem to a higher frequency that supports you in releasing the problem, along with those extra pounds.

I’m so glad I gave myself a session! I shed some beliefs that no longer serve me. Now, I’m ready to shed the weight, too. Maybe I’ll pull an Oprah and wheel in some faux fat to show my friends what 15 pounds of negative energy looks like.

Simply resonating with you rockin’ your skinny jeans,