Stacy Dorius - Pg4 - Sessions

Crank up the volume.

Because you’re about to groove to your favorite vibe.

It’s a 30-minute power punch of good vibes where we’ll reset a deep-rooted, sabotaging core belief button so you spiral up with vibrant energy. (It'll feel so good like when you pluck a nasty black hair from your chin. Seriously.)

Recommended for clients who have already received a few 60-minute sessions.

$99 | 30 minute session

It’s double the good vibes with an opportunity to dig deeper and reprogram several buttons to commercial-free, crystal clear frequencies. You'll be jamming to your favorite tunes.

Great place to start for first-time clients. Ideal for on-going, regular sessions.

$159 | 60 minute session

Pump up your frequencies and expand your energy beyond the session. Includes energy modalities, resource tools, and post-session highlights so you build your energetic toolbox at home.

Perfect for those who want to learn and use energy tools outside of the session.

$179 | 60 minute session + post-session tools

You inherit jewels and mannerisms from your family. You also inherit limiting and sabotaging beliefs from your parents, their parents, their parents, and so on.

This package helps you untangle yourself from the “dramas and traumas” in your family history. It starts with uncovering the resonance you hold between your family’s imprint, and your deepest fears and biggest struggles by creating a Traumagram. Then, we'll begin to liberate you from these inborn limitations by resetting your preset buttons! The result will be freedom to embrace your mama and ditch the drama.

For those who are ready to jump into deep waters with both feet.

$529 | 1 - 60 min "Traumagram" session + 2 - 60 min Expand Your Good Vibes sessions

Includes an "Inherited Family Imprint” pre-session questions download

jake tapia

Working with Stacy is one of the most productive and rewarding things I've ever done for my business (and myself). She always keeps the sessions moving forward at a comfortable and natural pace, and devotes her whole attention to my needs during that time.

Jake Tapia

Filmmaker |
season hewitt

Stacy is an extremely competent and skilled energy coach. She creates a very safe space for her clients to share their deepest concerns. Every session has proved to be results-oriented and empowering.

Season Hewitt

Holistic Counselor

Hey, I get it. We either match or we don’t. That’s resonance!

We’re not on the same frequency if...

  • You’re secretly thinking, “This energy stuff is woo-woo.”
  • “Blame and Complain” is your favorite game and you never lose.
  • You believe “they” cause all your problems and should change, not you.
  • You’re wishing a fairytale Law of Attraction prince/princess charming will come rescue you.
  • You would rather chew on tacks than ever call your mother (or father).

We totally resonate if...

  • You’re a believer, like me, that you don’t just have energy, you are energy. Can I get a “Hallelujah!”
  • You know this is an inside-out journey and can’t wait to get on the road.
  • You want a coach who knows why, what and how to make your energy work for you, not against you.
  • You have a secret crush on Albert Einstein. (Me too! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.)
  • You really would like to stop chewing on tacks and, instead, feel at peace with your mother (or father).