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Energetic Gems from the Blog...

How the Law of Attraction Works

Look at these axioms. They sound like propositions from a snake oil salesman. Think yourself thin. Go from rags to riches. If you can dream it, you can do it. Yeah, sure. That works for some of my friends. Not me. In all honesty, I thought myself fat. I went from rags to well…rags. And…

9 Keys to Change Your Life – Key 1: Energy

  Ron Burgundy, arguably one of the best comedic characters of our time was trapped in a glass case of emotion. His professional and personal life was falling apart. He felt stuck. Like Houdini, but without an escape plan. Are you trapped in your own glass sarcophagus? Do your negative thoughts, depleting feelings, and destructive…

Resonance Muscle Checking – A Unique Tool of the Trade (Part 1)

Growing up, we learned that all thoughts and understanding originate in our brain. That big pink squiggly thing inside of our head holds all of our history – knowledge, events, thoughts, and feelings. Well, not exactly. Our entire body is actually a reservoir of intelligence, a highly intuitive organism that can often tell us important…