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Keys to Change

9 Keys to Change Your Life – Key 5: Problems Into Opportunities

You know what’s a super lame problem to have? Hemorrhoids. I’m currently hosting a nice little swollen vein in the ole nether regions. I call him Harry. (Full Disclosure: Buyer beware of saying yes to a substitute colon-hydrotherapy practitioner when yours is on vacation. Procedure may result in unfortunate harm to said area. Trust your…

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9 Keys to Change Your Life – Key 4: Orientation

My friend Jill has no sense of direction. I mean, you spin that girl around in a circle once and she’s lost. Have you ever been panic-stricken lost in a Target parking lot? She has. Words like East or North mean nothing to her. If we’re driving together and I tell her to go West…

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3 Lessons of Change You Can Learn from Trees

I just got back from a mini-Mexico vacation. Mini because, honestly, anything under 7 days is not a true vacay. Anything less makes the packing, unpacking, and repacking a smidge tedious and really cuts into my margarita-sipping time. But this trip does the trick. Although only 4 days, it feels like 7. An hour drive…

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9 Keys to Transformation – Key 2: Resonance

Have you ever said or heard someone say: “That struck a chord with me.” “That hit a nerve.” “That tugged at my heart strings.” These familiar phrases highlight the second Key to Transformation: Resonance. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resonance as:  a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone.  And, a more technical…

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9 Keys to Change Your Life – Key 1: Energy

  Ron Burgundy, arguably one of the best comedic characters of our time was trapped in a glass case of emotion. His professional and personal life was falling apart. He felt stuck. Like Houdini, but without an escape plan. Are you trapped in your own glass sarcophagus? Do your negative thoughts, depleting feelings, and destructive…

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