A different kind of coach for a different kind of entrepreneur.

I am not your everyday coach.  I have been called a transformational coach, a professional coach, a Law of Attraction coach, and a life coach.  The truth is, I am all of these things wrapped up into a spunky, swagalicious, joyful package.

What makes all the difference?  I coach with an energetic flair.  Using energy-based tools rooted in science and strategic coaching methods, I help willing, motivated, and amazing (soon-to-be even more amazing) people, like you, become the CEO (with E meaning Energy!) of their businesses and lives.

Activate your energetic potential and change the way you resonate so you attract the business and personal success you have always been capable of. And, at the end of the day, let your energy say, “I’ve got the pants. I’m wearing the belt, and the belt says, “Boss”.

“Your personal vibration—the frequency of energy you hold moment by moment in your body, emotions and mind—is the most important tool you have for creating and living your ideal life.“

Penney Peirce

A simple approach creates profound results.

I am passionate about helping solopreneurs master their energetic intelligence.

If you are:

  • Confused about your goals and direction.
  • Buried in stress and overwhelmed by responsibility.
  • Stuck and afraid to move forward.
  • Dissatisfied with your customer base.
  • Struggling from financial setbacks.

Then that mastery will allow you to:

  • Craft a vision and a plan for a desired future.
  • Meet challenges successfully with balance, joy, and optimism.
  • Rise above obstacles and make incredible breakthroughs.
  • Attract 100% perfect customers 100% of the time.
  • Make a comeback that is rewarding and profitable.